Craft Envy Tutorials {Blog Review}

Have you seen Craft Envy’s


Fabulous..Amazing..& Inspiring.

She has awesome tutorials

here are some of my


*T-shirt Headband

Kanzashi Flowers

Crocheted Headband

Visit her often.

Hope you like them

as much as I do.



Need Some Ideas for the 4th?

It’s almost The Fourth of July and what better way to remember it? Handmade items..

Painted Terra Cotta Pot Candle Holder

This would look so awesome sitting on a deck or on your front porch

Patriotic Paper Lollies

Wouldn’t this just be the most freedom ringing table topper?

Plus, you could re-size them smaller and make pins for hats and shirts..YAY.

Free Fourth of July Printables


She has more than just this one, so be sure to check it out.

Patriotic Reunion Shirts {Monogrammed}

Go in style with this initial monogrammed shirt. Hey- at least you won’t lose your kids =)

4th hair styling

hairstyle with ribbons for girls

So adorable but Adisyn’s hair is still too short to fix it like this, but if you have a little bit older than mine, you should give it a try.

A Star Spangled Welcome =)

July 4th Paper Wreath Craft

The most awesome welcome banner around..{or so I think}

Confetti Launcher

July 4th Confetti Launcher Craft for Kids

My kids would go crazy over these☺

Fireworks Coloring Page

Fireworks Coloring Page

FireWorks Shirt

4th of July Crafts Fireworks Shirt

Have some fun. Don’t get ignited by any straying fireworks and watch out for the stink-bombs..



My DIY fused plastic bag make-up case and a visit from my Adi-bug.

I don’t know if you guys know about fusing plastic bags, but I made my first one last week.

  • I wanted to try it because it reuses all those plastic bags that are otherwise going to the landfill where they will rot & rot.
  • How long does it take for plastic bag to decompose? Like 500-1000 years, so RE-use them my friends.

You can learn how- {here} in a video from Etsy

or written {here}

I made this like a week ago, but haven’t yet got to post pictures or anything.

I loved making it, and SO plan to make more.

Have fun & save the planet at the same time, how about that.

If you make it, don’t forget to post some pictures for us to see =)

You might just be featured.



Crafty Blogs you don’t wanna miss..

Here are some people that you should visit and blogs you’ll love.

*Under the Table & Dreaming

*30 Handmade Days

*My Desert Cottage



*Angry Chicken

*Anna Maria Horner


*Betz White

*Cut Out & Keep

*Smart & Trendy Moms

*Blue Cricket Design

Have fun, and be sure to leave some awesome comments♥



New Friend Fridays

New Friend Fridays

Ready to make some friends?

Come join in—{here}.

Have a good time.


More Blog Tutorials

I just came across this very wonderful awesome site. Yes it is a run-on no meaning sentence, but it is completely true!

What is this website you may ask?

It is a website for newbie bloggers looking for tips and tricks to customizing your blog.

Why am I this obsessed with blog layouts, headers, fonts, and all that extra stuff? Because when you can customize it, you can make it YOURS. make it UNIQUE. I love unique, I love to add a little flair to things to make it mine.

Don’t you?

Well if you do,here are some links you may want to visit.

Tips-For-New-Bloggers {website} <Main

Useful Links

*Add Page Element to Blog Header & Posts

*Add Digg Button

Add Favicon to Blog URL

Add a Feed Counter to display readers

Faster WebPage Load Time

Add A Video Clip

More next time



Inspiring Snack Idea to do with your kids

This is an awesome little butterfly snack bag that your kids can help make. They will be so proud when they’re eating.. Whether it’s on a car ride, in their lunch at school, or a picnic.

I found this on BakedBree

butterfly craft

Head on over..



Sewing Tutorials From Made

Made is just such an awesome site. I love all the tutorials that she shares with us.

*How to make your own pattern-

“If you're new to sewing, the best way to understand clothing construction is to actually deconstruct it. Start by looking at your clothing. Study how it's put together.”

*Freezer Paper Stenciling-

It must be actual Freezer Paper, not wax paper:

*5 easy steps to dyeing fabric-

Fabric Dyeing does NOT need to be:
Hard, Messy, Scary, Done in your washing machine, Done on your stove.
Fabric Dying CAN be:
Simple, Done in a bowl right in your sink, Fun, Experimental!

*Journal Jars

The jar contains slips of paper with a different topic on each one. So when you sit down to work on your history, pull out a slip, read the topic and don't over-think it. Just start writing what comes to your mind, based on that topic.

*The HoBo Sack

Whether you're on the road or hanging at home, every hobo needs a bag for his (or her) treasures.

*Quilted Notecards

Hope you enjoy. Don’t forget to stop at Made



Creative Social Icons to Spice up Your Blog☺

Do you see the blogs that have those awesome social icons and wonder where you could find them?

Now you can find them here. I have searched and searched to help you find unique but awesome icons to spice up your blog.

*Hand Drawn Doodle Icon Set by Chris Spooner



ic-179 by Viper


Cheers in Cheers: A Free Social Icon Set


1197072751 capsrc1 Иконки: Irish Icons Pack


heart & ice





Release in Heart: A Free Social Icon Set

*Made of Wood

*The Leaves Fall

Preview2 in The Leaves Fall: A Social Icon Set For Bloggers

*Cute Critters

Cute Critters Icons Preview

Hand Drawn

Page Peel

Social Media Iconset

Handycons 2

FreeHand Color Stroke


Splatter Social Media Icons

Page Peel


Icon Shock

social network icons



Old Bottle Crowns


Social Sketches


Sticker Set


Grunge Peel

Grunge Peeling Stickers Social Media Icon Pack

Hand Drawn


vintage icon set for bloggers - social media icons for bloggers


social puzzle icons


Happy Birds

fFree Twitter Icons


Blue Bird

Cute & Simple

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.Go make yourself happy and make over your blog. Add some cuteness and don’t forget to show ME.


Friend Me♥